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Welcome to the Retriever Club of Alaska!

for the working retriever
since 1987

April 30, 2018


Retriever Enthusiasts,

On May 5th there will be a picnic hunt test at the state fairgrounds.  Get your dog and come have fun.  Volunteers are still needed.

As May is coming in, the first AKC event of the year is quickly approaching.  In fact, entries close for the first event on May 14th, just two weeks away.  The second event closes one week later on May 21st.   We are planning to have a tailgate on Saturday after completion of the Derby and Qual both weeks.  Bring a dish, your other (better) half, your own beer, wine or liquor, and meet other members of our club.  The club is still seeking someone to captain the live gunners.  No gunners have been confirmed for any event.  We are also looking for people willing to make lunches. Please contact Marianne Strahle at 907-952-0040 if you can help with tailgates or lunches. 

For those that follow Facebook we are now posting the Board minutes so you will know what is happening in our Club. They will also be emailed out monthly.  Since the election in February, we have purchased five shotgun simulators to eliminate or at least reduce the use of popper shells at events.  This alone saves the club almost $2000 a year.  We have also shopped the accident and liability insurance and received a quote which reduced insurance costs by fifty percent and allowed the club to purchase Directors and Officers Liability for less than what we were paying before.

Financially, the Club will be fine this year and probably 2019, but unless additional savings are found or income substantially increased, 2020 events will be seriously affected or won’t happen at all.  Part of the problem is that many costs such as down payment for birds, insurance costs, permits, judge’s travel and other expenses come due prior to any income from events being received.  So, prior to the first event the club needs $10,000 in savings from the past year just to start.  The second problem is lack of entries.  The more entries the cheaper it is per dog to run an event.  Entries and memberships have been on a steady decline now for years.  If you know a retriever enthusiast, bring them to an event and get them involved.  For those that continue to run events, help the Club and renew your membership.

I don’t have the business contacts that past presidents have had.  To raise or save money, if you have a business contact to approach for raffles please contact a board member.  If anyone has a spare car to loan to an outside judge that would save roughly $400 an event.  Bird boys cost the Club $8000 dollars annually.  If members or volunteers were willing to throw for a day we could save $8000.  If you are willing to, or can do, any of the above call me, Eloy or any Board member.  If you know a pro who might volunteer some time to the club we might raise money through a seminar.  You notice a lot of “ifs” because; if you don’t become involved, 2020 becomes iffy.  It’s your Club, if you want events, become involved.  And please remember if you commit to help, we will be relying on you so please follow through!

I wish you and your dog lots of success this summer, but more importantly, have fun with your dog!


Harold Strahle, President

Retriever Club of Alaska


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