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Welcome to the Alaska Working Retriever Club

and the

Retriever Club of Alaska!

for the working retriever
since 1987


January 27, 2018

Dear Retriever Enthusiast,

Whether you believe it or not, winter is making way for spring and the Retriever Club of Alaska is very busy.  Besides planning the events for the upcoming year both clubs are filing paperwork with the AKC, selecting field and hunt test event officials, getting judges, securing grounds, applying for land use permits, asking for event volunteers, preparing for birds, help and hospitality.   Once again please volunteer for something to make this easier on the working Board and membership.  If you don’t volunteer, then recognize that others must.

We are currently holding our spring season retriever training classes and the participation and interest is at an all-time high!   More than thirty people have signed up.  All classes are offered at a nominal fee of $100.00 that includes an annual Club membership.  Our instructors are volunteers who have made this year’s effort better than ever.  John Drennan, Rose Munafo, Joanne Hanscom, Gwen Haynes, Eloy Garcia, and others are helping keep these classes interesting and informative.  Joanne and Rose are currently conducting obedience training class at the Alyeska Canine Trainers.  Signup and join the class.  Retriever training success depends upon foundational obedience work.

John Drennan and Mike Black will be holding Retriever Field Training classes beginning on Saturday, February 3rd and continuing the training through April.  An additional Sunday class may also be offered for those who can't make Saturdays. Details on that will be out very soon! Both beginning and advanced training classes will be offered. 

Early May we will offer a Picnic Test that will provide a simulated American Kennel Club (AKC) Hunt Test to demonstrate how these events work and offer the handler and dog experience with the rules governing AKC Hunt Tests. 

Events of interest are many as we all prepare for the testing and trialing season.  First up is the Annual Membership Banquet Meeting Saturday, February 17th at Gallo’s on the Old Seward.  Dinner will be followed by the Raffle Drawing for a Missouri Spring Goose Hunt for 2 or Salmon fishing trip out of Seward for 4 this summer.  These opportunities have been donated to the Club by member Mark Habermann.  Many thanks to Mark for this extremely generous contribution!  Raffle tickets are $50.00 per ticket or 3 for $125.00. Contact any Board member to purchase your tickets for this fantastic opportunity. Raffle tickets will also be available at the door.  

During the banquet we will elect officers for the Retriever Club Board and take names for those willing to volunteer for the various duties of running an all-volunteer Retriever Club for the benefit of Retrievers.  We need names to assume the positions of President, Secretary and General Board members willing to give some time for the benefit of the sport.

We will have a presentation from our companion hunting dog club the Arctic Bird Dog Club.  Derek Tomlinson will brief us on the events and opportunities that they as Alaska’s upland hunting dog club will offer those that are interested.   

We have a full season of Hunt Tests and Field Trials beginning the first weekend of June.  Our schedule of all events is on the Club’s web site at www.alaskaworkingretrieverclub.com or contact Betsy McCracken at browndogs@gci.net.

Happy training!


Mike Black

Outgoing President


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