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Welcome to the Alaska Working Retriever Club

and the

Retriever Club of Alaska!

for the working retriever
since 1987

March 10, 2018


The annual meeting took place February 17th at Gallos.  For those that did not attend Gwen Haynes was elected as the new club secretary and Mary Maxwell is the new treasurer.  I was elected (a tad reluctantly) to be club president.  Although not new to retrievers we three have a lot to learn in our new roles, bear with us.

For those that donít know me, I will tell you a little about myself.  I have had retrievers my entire adult life.  Back in the 90ís my first retriever died while on an operating room table.  That led me to a search for a retriever with the same lineage.  My search took me to Idaho and then to Roy McFall who happened to live a few blocks away.  I didnít know a thing about competition; I was looking for another duck dog, but Roy knew of a repeat breeding of a female he was currently training named Kirby.  He invited me out to see the young dog and I have been hooked with training retrievers to a whole different level than I thought possible ever since.

I became involved with the Alaska Working Retriever Club and served as vice president of field trials for several years.  As competitive as field trials are I became frustrated at my lack of success in all age events and stopped competing.  I still judged on occasion until running into Boyd Woodward and convinced him (or he convinced me) to buy a puppy he had available.  Here we are.  My experience with competitive retrievers is in field trials and I have a lot to learn about hunt tests. 

The board is currently involved in planning the upcoming hunt test and field trial events.  Membership with the club is lower than it has ever been, costs are up and entries are down which has caused financial strain on the club.  My goal is to try and increase both membership and participation by members.  With that, I encourage those that have not yet renewed their membership to do so, if you know of retriever enthusiasts take them training and talk to them about joining and running in events.

As a club, costs must be reduced.  For those not aware the six events cost on average $43,000.  Income from those same events is just over $30,000.  If you are willing to house, feed, donate airline miles or have a car you are willing to loan to an outside judge let someone on the board know.  We are searching for people willing to make lunches for a day at an event.  If you are interested please call or email me.  We are a 501(c) 3 corporation and as such in-kind donations are tax deductible.  My wife, Marianne and I are going to attempt to resurrect the tailgates at each of the four field trials, if you would like to help call or send me  email.  If you have an idea to raise or save money anyone on the board is willing to listen, contact information is on the website.

I am looking forward to the upcoming events.  There are numerous challenges ahead of us.  Keep getting your dogs out and soon we can get them wet!


Harold Strahle


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